Good Friday 2015

The devout Christians celebrate Good Friday as the holy anniversary of Christ’s crucifixion & death, commemorating His passion, suffering & death on cross. The day comes a couple of days before the Easter Sunday and the act of Jesus’ crucifixion is believed to have brought salvation for all. According to one theory “Good Friday” comes from the words- “God’s Friday”. However, as per the other theories the Friday is believed to be “Good” as it’s “taken as holy”. Good Friday is culmination of the Holy Week that starts on the Palm Sunday. Good Friday is also referred to as Great Friday or Holy Friday.


Christ was sentenced to death by the chief priests of Rome and crucified as the priests denied His reference to Himself as “God’s son”. On the 3rd of the crucifixion, Christ arose from his death.

Good Friday 2015
Good Friday is one among the oldest of Christian holidays and as per some of the sources the day is being commemorated from 100 CE. The date of Easter depends on March equinox’s ecclesiastical approximation. In 2015 Good Friday would be celebrated on 3rd of April, Friday.

How do People Commemorate Good Friday

Good Friday is celebrated by all devout Christians worldwide. The Christians generally commemorate the Holy Friday in prayer, fasting, repentance & meditation on suffering and agony of Jesus on cross. According to Latin Rite, the Christians must commemorate the Good Friday with just 1 full meal (smaller than regular meal) & 2 collations (both of the meals won’t be equivalent to 1 full meal). Besides, the Christians also maintain full abstain from having meat on the Good Friday. Church services are usually hosted in afternoon, normally around midday or noon to around 3 pm, remembering the very hours while Christ was crucified to death.

Many of the churches observe Good Friday by re-enacting procession of Christ’s cross, as per Stations of the Cross rituals that depicts the last few hours of Christ’s life. In most of the nations such as Italy, Malta, India, Spain and Philippines, the religious Christians go out on processions. Good Friday is a holiday in many countries around the world and where the day is not observed as a holiday, the liturgical afternoon service is generally put off till some hours after 3 p.m.

Different countries follow their specific customs to commemorate Good Friday in their own way. For example, the people in Bermuda fly handmade kites in air on the Holy Friday symbolizing the very cross which Christ died on & His ascension towards heaven. Then, the Mexican and Belgium churches are wrapped in black in the memory of Christ’s suffering on cross. The Polish Christians fast on roasted potatoes and dry bread. Egg decoration can be said to be another popular form of Easter preparations and is observed in several countries.

Symbols of Good Friday

The most prominent symbols of Good Friday are the cross or crucifix, the represents Christ’s death, Black cloth for covering the cross, statues and paintings in homes and churches signifying mourning. Besides, many Christians deliberate create up a somewhat bare appearance at home & churches removing all the shiny objects and flowers.